EUW is such a horrible server

Seriously, I've been playing in all differents ranks up til Diamond 3 (last year) and yet, in almost every rank (from around silver 2) it gets too difficult to climb yourself because all games are so so so so unbalanced... It's so hard to climb for dumb reasons... Is this even fun? Technically, being a good player makes it no problems for you climb but right here in EUW, it's so %%%%ing hard... No they are not more skilled here but more toxic and less teamwork... It's so %%%%ing hard when everyone wants to go 1v5 and are so so so so STUBBORN. In EUNE, all games are so calm and well balanced. All players wants to play good and there's way more teamwork behind every player there. I can climb myself to high diamond without problems. But here in EUW, you literally have to play like... 200 games to get yourself to your own elo... Wtf is this server?
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