Just want to give credit to Riot Support

I've been crashing every game for the past 2 weeks, and didn't find a way to fix it. I wrote to Riot support ON SUNDAY, which would normally be a day when people don't work, and I got an answer in less than a few hours. We've been investigating the issue together, sharing details and stuff, always got replies in 1, maximum 2 hours. The support was nicer than I've ever seen a support be in any game/product, was incredibly friendly, showed that he cared about helping me and didn't only do it because it was his job, and finally, the very next day after I sent the very first message, the issue was already solved and now I can play without the game crashing again. Thank you Riot for having such an amazing support! I was not expecting to get a reply in 4-5 days, but I've gotten like 10 in 1 day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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