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so i go watch something like "War of the three kingdoms" i am at Ep 38 by the way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4oLWrTErz0 and ya i chill eat something and relax and learn how to deal with the life .. i go play Dungeons 3 " i was going to play Dungeon 1 like what i did in 2013 or 2012 but naaa i have a good pc so why not " and i am having fun " i go play Mount & Blade .... and still having fun .. even tho the game is too old ... i go play lol and get my blood boiled all cuz humans from Iron to challenger can't stop flaming ... normal game or rank ... i don't like to talk too much abut it cuz we all know this game ... what i learned from life till now ... most people on west care abut sex - new ways to insult .. all this useless shit i do see now why the USA will loss to china soon and china will be the strongest "don't ever think abut Europe they can't stand as one look at England .... and they have problems in there humans numbers all cuz there is too many gays and they hit something called too much comfort that why they can't fight a war if it start and they are siting on the currency wars " ... well "villains come villains go " and i can't say i like that ... now that i think of it i see why they are planing on making humans copy's ...lol there is 2 things humans can't do .... make the sky rain and make humans that can act .. and don't start talking that the usa made something to make the rain fall ... that is not how raining work .... and by making rain fall i am not only talking abut rain "saying this for the small brains who will come up " there is more to this ... like if i start talking i will never stop ... but in the end this game not fun at all ... i will only play it on S9 to hit my D4 back mabe 2 games every 3 days ... and then hit master ... cuz now i know why i lost all the way back to plat and maby the 1% of you ,,,, all cuz you keep the chat open ... you can't keep the chat open in this game ... i still don't understand why riot did not removed it yet ohhh ya and before i forget ... ya i know my eng suck so ... do i care !!!
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