Looking for furries to join the guild!

Heyo! Republishing this article after 2 week of the first one, in order to reach out to more people and maybe find the ones that haven't seen it last time! (So sorry if you have already seen it~) I have always been searching for furries who are playing league, whenever just to chat or play together! The new clubs feature offers pretty much the same thing, an ability to collect all the furs out there and create a new little community club.. There are already 9 of us and I will do anything to make you guys feel comfy! ~:3 Alright anyways, thanks for your time and I will be waiting for friends requests or comments over here! P.S I will be happy to answer any questions you might have! (Just adding this up here due to the experience from the last thread hehe..) Have a nice day! ^.^
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