So we aren't even allowed to argue one bit anymore?

Few weeks ago, I've looked up a post where Player X was complaining that champion Y is so hella broken and deserves to get nerfed. I responded politely by even looking up that players match history to try and get some intel about his match up. (Note the player even said he was clueless and didn't know what to do in that match up) So I looked into his match history as good as I could, pointed out that he faced champion Y like one time every 20 games (maximum 1 time) . Also noted that I saw some wrong itemizations and simply added it's a bit to much to trash talk the champion-Y-Player and calling out that his champion needs nerfs if that person never had any experience in that match up and simply said he should go look for how this match up should be played out. Got a notification that my comment was removed due to it being "offensive towards other players" On the end the note "If you have a problem with other players posts, please utilise the "Report" function and do not attack them or respond to them in an argumentative manner." So I haven't said anything really offensive to that person, nor did I attack them in any way. But that I'm not allowed to respond in an argumentative matter? Hello?! So if someone posts his opinion about something on the boards, I disagree with them and politely try to comment my own opinion, this is forbidden now?! {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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