Hellow you lovely person there!

https://img00.deviantart.net/71a1/i/2012/210/d/1/minion_hugs_by_a_killer_artist-d593xvk.png How's you doing on this slow morning? :3 I know I know, monday and stuffs. Not the best time for most people. But what if I tell you that it'll be the opening to a grand new week? :o Just lean back and let it carry you along to all the nice thingies it'll bring. :3 If you don't like thinking that way, maybe this is one for you: with Monday you basically got Tuesday down, and starting Wednesday it's all downhill really. ;) -------- Sadly we can't talk bout nice things of this week yet, so all I can bother you about now is for you to tell me bout how last week (or even month, since we really aren't caught up) has been to you. I really wanna know and surely am not taking notes to know every detail about your life like some weird control freak, I swear! Or just tell me how you are doing right now, that's gud too. :D I'll even tell mine, though it's rather boring: My PC has had a hard time and spent most of recent times in repair. But this week should be where all is fixed, and I honestly can't wait to jump back into league to play with ya'all. (Please have some mercy while I try to de-rust though. ^^') Else I made tonsa new friends on different discord servers. They always say that I hug too much and then threaten hurt me. We are having a grand ol time! :3 What else... I'm way too happy playing Hearthstone currently, dunno why. But I have a feeling like that will go away soon enough once I'm back to League. (I found some amazing hearthstone streamers though, I think those will stick.\o/) --------------- So once you're done with that, grab a nice hat https://img.freepik.com/free-vector/coloured-hats-collection_1096-40.jpg?size=338&ext=jpg a tasty cookie https://images-gmi-pmc.edge-generalmills.com/cc82a327-e781-4f2b-a841-81c962459649.jpg and own dat monday in a way that suprises even old granpa who thinks he's seen everything! ^-^ ------------- https://media.tenor.com/images/1264bbc22c5058e7b9db517c56508811/tenor.gif
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