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I wrote a ticket to support about the emote I got for this split (I got bronze even tho I am at Iron) This is a fragment of first response: > Okay, so I asked around and **DOUBLE-CHECKED** and, the thing about the emote is that it **CANNOT** downgrade. > ... As such, since **YOU REACHED BRONZE**, that's why you have the Bronze emote and it cannot be downgraded. I was confused by this so I asked for someone "competent" to look at it. and this is the fragment of response I got from other "sPecialIsT": > Anyway, I see that my colleague **ALREADY PROVIDED** you with an **EXPLANATION** for this, and why we can't modify the Split emote that you received. I saw that this is mentioned in our article as well "This Emote **WILL** upgrade **OR DOWNGRADE TO REFLECT YOUR CURRENT RANK** at all times until the split ends, at which point it locks into the rank you completed the split in". Do they even know what they writing? I don't want to insult anyone here but, you can see how much we can trust support in resolving any problem that forces them to think. My []( That [article]( he mentioned. *I used Bold and Capital to show the most important parts.
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