Last time i'm letting someone play Yasuo in my games

Have permabanned Trashuo for years but have at least respected the players that have him hovered AND are 1st pick to ensure the enemy doesn't get him. Well FU*K THAT if i'm entering a game i'm banning his ass. Never mind if you're 1st pick, pro lvl 7 him or one trick him. I couldn't give 2 shits about you or your taste or what you like. F*ck that champ. When i get a lvl7 Trashuo mister broken in every aspect, bs passive sheild, unlimited dashing asshat, ult that places him outside of turret range and has a WINDWALL THE SIZE OF THE LANE AND WORSK FROM BOTH SIDES AND A STUPID HITBOX HIMSELF feeding a Zoe miss 1 ability q nuke, which for the record is her biggest damage output, i'm officially done. Don't like my attitude? Hate me for banning your champ? Blame it on the %%%%%%s i'm dealing with. Down vote me to hell if i care. Yes if this wasn't obvious this is a rant post but a needed one and somewhat of a warning and a notice to everyone out there. If you play Trashuo and queue up with me i'm telling you now. DODGE cause i will ban him.
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