Primary and Secondary role

As far as i know when your primary role is a "favored" (higher than average % want it) role and a less favored role like supp your secondary the odds that you get supp go up a lot. So in other words when you dont want to play too many games as supp but rather get for example mid then you are better off having top as secondary. Please add a system (maybe with tertiary role that you can pick instead of a secondary or however you want to implement it) where a player can basically show that they really really want to play this role but do not mind filling for supp sometimes (depending on how few want to supp and how many are actually needed). But such that this system will not penalize you for saying i would go supp and then you get that role a lot more often than you would if you picked say mid/top so this system would actually reward you with your primary role for going supp every now and then instead of punishing you by forcing you into the role a lot more often than players who dont want to supp at all. Also it would be usefull if we could get shown the % of players that pick that primary role in ones own elo group and tell them about if they say they do the occasional supp fill how many games one can expect to get on average as supp.
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