Help me pick a main champ

I don't have a main champ and I know the reason. The champ I used to main got reworked and now I can't find another champ with similar gameplay. these are the champions I enjoy playing: {{champion:34}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:115}}. Some of them I play often, some I used to play and no longer play them (I'm constantly looking for new champs to play). Some I only like playing but I don't think I'm any good with them. my current champion rooster is: {{champion:68}} top, {{champion:34}} mid, {{champion:121}} jungle, {{champion:44}} or {{champion:99}} support and {{champion:81}} adc. and the list of champs I don't play lately for each lane: top: {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:150}} mid: {{champion:115}} {{champion:76}} (used to main her) jungle: {{champion:28}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:77}} (I main jungle and consider them my playable junglers, but I haven't played them lately) {{champion:8}} and {{champion:154}} are fun, but I'm not sure about them. I think it's a decent champ rooster for me, but there is no one main champ that I'd spend more time on. Maybe I should return to playing Nidalee? I enjoyed her more than any champ, but I don't like her in jungle and lane Nidalee is too weak right now.
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