i got chat restricted for this , which i dont agree with

Game 1 Pre-Game WréTchér: can i plz jungle WréTchér: or any other lane WréTchér: supp is fine too WréTchér: i dont want to mid anymore WréTchér: thansk WréTchér: xD WréTchér: i main zed T_T WréTchér: well WréTchér: i main akali too but WréTchér: am practicing her reowrk in beta server WréTchér: waiting for her to be released in alll servers WréTchér: nah WréTchér: we are well most of us are happy WréTchér: well its like akali but more buffed WréTchér: and a bit weird WréTchér: dude i guarentee you WréTchér: when she hits public servers WréTchér: theres gonna be lot of 1shot montages WréTchér: of akal WréTchér: so much dmg WréTchér: XD In-Game WréTchér: teemo can you please ward my red at 1:20 plz WréTchér: yes go to options you can turn the new cursor off WréTchér: in interfarce tab WréTchér: legacy cursor, click that WréTchér: HEY WréTchér: >:( WréTchér: DONT TALK BAD ABOUT MY TEAM MATES >:( WréTchér: OMFG WréTchér: EZREAL WréTchér: YOU COULD COME SOONER TOO WréTchér: kill her WréTchér: i am done witht his bot alkne WréTchér: you can gank yourself man WréTchér: muted WréTchér: teemo back WréTchér: lure him ryze WréTchér: i was looking away lol WréTchér: it started to aa the minions WréTchér: MY TEAM DONT EVEN HELP ENGAGE WréTchér: I GO IN AND THEY DONT EVEMN COME WréTchér: nice team WréTchér: also zed feed stop WréTchér: drake important WréTchér: come WréTchér: RYZE WréTchér: WHY WréTchér: 0/2 WréTchér: stop feed WréTchér: and? WréTchér: ia m playing better than you WréTchér: more objectives WréTchér: 3 early kills? WréTchér: 3 EARLY KILLS? WréTchér: you are the one who fed him WréTchér: and i died only once WréTchér: YOU ARE FEEDING HIM WréTchér: you toxic ape( THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT MAY CONSIDERED TOXIC MAYBE CUZ I WAS GETTING FLAMMED AND WAS TILTING SO I SAID THIS IN RAGE) WréTchér: report ryze plz WréTchér: he is extremely toxic WréTchér: sure WréTchér: i didnt call him feeder at all WréTchér: i told him why you going in 3v1 WréTchér: then he started calling me %%%%%% WréTchér: and ape WréTchér: and then told me to stfu WréTchér: and then said that i gave zed all 5 kilsl of him WréTchér: which he is completely wrong btw WréTchér: and he think he can play any better than me , the only thing he knows is flame and be toxic WréTchér: WHY ARE YOU NOT GOING BACK WréTchér: YOU %%%ING WréTchér: URGH WréTchér: what i flame? WréTchér: ask him what i flame WréTchér: and tell himt o stop being so salty WréTchér: says the ryze who was flamming like no tomorrow untill 5 mins ago WréTchér: yes you did WréTchér: yes he did WréTchér: ahh i forgot about your w xD WréTchér: ggwp Post-Game WréTchér: ryze calls me %%%%%%ed and apge and tells me to shut the %%% up WréTchér: and then after 2 mins he says '' i was not being toxic '' WréTchér: and you too then WréTchér: ryze :') WréTchér: i have ss WréTchér: of you flamming me WréTchér: :) WréTchér: sure WréTchér: i said ryze why you 1v3 WréTchér: then you started calliomg me %%%%%%ed WréTchér: and ape WréTchér: sure mate riot will look at it WréTchér: toxic ppl like you dont deserve tto ply this game Game 2 Pre-Game WréTchér: can i top WréTchér: they gonna puick luxiabn WréTchér: knew it WréTchér: tye picking fiora too WréTchér: i bet 100% In-Game WréTchér: hat daym quinn das hot skin WréTchér: <3 +1 WréTchér: btw quin plz ward my red WréTchér: at 1:20 WréTchér: we lost this WréTchér: yasuo WréTchér: stop WréTchér: quin WréTchér: is farm more important to you WréTchér: than a %%%ing gank WréTchér: goodluck then WréTchér: i wont be coming top WréTchér: yeah sure WréTchér: maybe next time watch the map WréTchér: instead of being blind and doing farm WréTchér: nice no gank for top and bot WréTchér: 1/4 WréTchér: 2/3 WréTchér: 1/4 WréTchér: look at your score before flamming(they were flamming me so i simply told them the truth) WréTchér: my top and supp so toxic jeesus christ WréTchér: you know the average bronze tactics? when die always blame jungler( whic is true btw) WréTchér: should have helped me when i ganked youlane then WréTchér: mr quinn who does not want to help the jungler WréTchér: nice job yasuo WréTchér: target the graves WréTchér: not fiora WréTchér: keep barking lux WréTchér: keep barking quinn too WréTchér: need bot tower WréTchér: ward baron WréTchér: why are you engaging them without the rest of us WréTchér: just fall back if you see this WréTchér: you arenot fed WréTchér: me? WréTchér: me and lux WréTchér: you 3 thought you could kill then just cuz we were getting some kills WréTchér: dont forget graves if ed WréTchér: is fed* WréTchér: easy WréTchér: dont fight them WréTchér: i said WréTchér: dont fight them WréTchér: 6/8 WréTchér: shhhh( he was flamming me so i said him his score and tell him to shh which is not flame or toxic) WréTchér: i have taken 2 WréTchér: so what WréTchér: sit down WréTchér: i killed them solo more times WréTchér: than in team fight WréTchér: u WréTchér: sure quin WréTchér: keep crying and dying WréTchér: 4/6 WréTchér: who got baron WréTchér: who got baonr WréTchér: who died first WréTchér: at baron? WréTchér: who went in and died first? WréTchér: oh yasuo WréTchér: .... WréTchér: nice job WréTchér: it was on cooldown WréTchér: at baron yasuo WréTchér: can you stop being so sasy WréTchér: or i go afk( I DIDNT GO AFK BTW) WréTchér: plz WréTchér: 2for 3 WréTchér: decent WréTchér: all in this grave WréTchér: we need him to die WréTchér: OMNFG WréTchér: KILL FRAVES WréTchér: gj WréTchér: they dont have baron anymore WréTchér: push WréTchér: we win WréTchér: they dont got baron WréTchér: STOP GOING BOT WréTchér: QUIN WréTchér: PUSH MID WréTchér: my engage WréTchér: 10/10 Post-Game WréTchér: carried WréTchér: but my team stil flame me WréTchér: well not my team but this quinn WréTchér: she so toxic WréTchér: i dont care about my dmg WréTchér: you are an adcv WréTchér: obv you will have more dmg WréTchér: duh WréTchér: you are soo toxic quinn WréTchér: get good WréTchér: entire game flamming? WréTchér: you are delusional WréTchér: ask lux WréTchér: yeah thanks WréTchér: it was cuz of me that you won that last team fight WréTchér: and every team fight WréTchér: it was cuz of my enage WréTchér: that we won Game 3 Pre-Game WréTchér: no sorry WréTchér: no WréTchér: on trynda take ignite WréTchér: and coqurer rune WréTchér: aaah man shyvana WréTchér: used to main her bacn in s7 WréTchér: xD WréTchér: old memories coming back <3 In-Game WréTchér: goodluck, have fun ^^ WréTchér: what did she say WréTchér: sona, rip WréTchér: you know they have anti ban system and if you say n or any ban word WréTchér: you get chat restricted WréTchér: why do that? WréTchér: dont do that ok WréTchér: never do that WréTchér: unless you are 1000% sure never go in WréTchér: i dont care WréTchér: dont play if you have that much ping WréTchér: kaisa dont WréTchér: kaisa plz dont WréTchér: KAISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WréTchér: i mean syhvyaa WréTchér: lucky ahri tha my energy ran out xD WréTchér: MY ENERGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WréTchér: this kaisa says she is gold xD WréTchér: xD WréTchér: ikr WréTchér: i am not flame her WréTchér: i am not evben talking to her WréTchér: i am talking to them WréTchér: no am bnot WréTchér: keep playing WréTchér: and ignore me WréTchér: go ahead WréTchér: xD WréTchér: malph WréTchér: stop ksing man plz WréTchér: i need kills to carry WréTchér: report kaisa she saying she is int feeding(which she was btw) WréTchér: but am not int feeding WréTchér: :) WréTchér: go learn what inting is( this is where kaisa accused me of inting and i said that 4/4 is not inting) WréTchér: 4/4/ WréTchér: sure WréTchér: yes rep kaisa(my 2 team mates said to rep kaisa and so i agreed with them and said rep kaisa too) Post-Game WréTchér: every feed their soul off to the devils WréTchér: :/ WréTchér: i am not kisa WréTchér: .. WréTchér: i am akali WréTchér: you need glasses mate?(this was where my team mate was trying to say how childish i am by thinking that i was kaisa_
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