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I don't even know if i'm allowed to share this but aren't they the greatest people ever Chat started: 2018-09-27 01:21 PM UTC (01:21:43 PM) Visitor 27385623: hiheyhello, I would like to buy a worlds pass but I’m 62 rp short and buying another 1580 just for that 62 rp seems like kind of a waste. I read about the thing with sending fanart when you need a small amount of rp but I don’t know if you guys still do that. Just decided to give it a shot. Enjoy this piece of fanart the little girl I babysit made for me when she saw me playing katarina. (01:21:43 PM) Visitor 27385623 is now known as Kªtarina. (01:21:50 PM) *** KarmatroN joined the chat *** (01:21:59 PM) KarmatroN: Hello there! Please provide me a couple of minutes to read the description provided by you! (01:22:11 PM) Kªtarina: sure :) (01:22:50 PM) Kªtarina: Oh the pic didn’t come with it but if you guys still do that I need to submit a ticket anyway I guess? (01:22:55 PM) KarmatroN: checking the account now, and I will see what I can do, cool? (01:23:02 PM) Kªtarina: Yesss (01:24:57 PM) KarmatroN: so, will be able to help you out with 62 RP (01:25:09 PM) KarmatroN: but I will need you to make right now a 4 verse poem League related (01:25:21 PM) Kªtarina: Alright lol (01:25:31 PM) KarmatroN: and if I don;t like it, not only I will not give you the RP< but I will ban your account (01:25:35 PM) KarmatroN: up for the challenge?:)) (01:25:55 PM) Kªtarina: Lmao (01:26:06 PM) KarmatroN: :))) (01:26:10 PM) KarmatroN: will wait for it (01:26:17 PM) Kªtarina: Yu let me think (01:26:41 PM) KarmatroN: no worries, take your time (01:30:22 PM) Kªtarina: i love playing league but unfortunately I suck, Started off in bronze 5 but now I’m gold 5 and stuck. People like me because I’m an egirl so I guess that’s pure luck, some guys ask for nudes and want to send skins in return and that’s kinda yuck. (01:30:23 PM) Kªtarina: lmao (01:30:25 PM) Kªtarina: hahagagahaah (01:30:27 PM) Kªtarina: kill me please (01:31:24 PM) KarmatroN: :))))) (01:31:29 PM) KarmatroN: LMAO! :)))) (01:31:34 PM) KarmatroN: you made my day! :))) (01:31:44 PM) Kªtarina: lol rly (01:31:52 PM) KarmatroN: it is soooo funny :))) (01:31:59 PM) KarmatroN: for real :))) (01:32:02 PM) Kªtarina: Ur being sarcastic (01:32:05 PM) KarmatroN: no, for real (01:32:10 PM) Kªtarina: o (01:32:13 PM) KarmatroN: I almost fell of my chair :)) (01:32:20 PM) KarmatroN: my colleagues are asking me what happened :))) (01:32:20 PM) Kªtarina: lol (01:32:42 PM) KarmatroN: you deserved the RP (01:32:45 PM) KarmatroN: you have now 1650 (01:32:47 PM) KarmatroN: GG (01:32:49 PM) Kªtarina: lol thanks a lot (01:32:57 PM) Kªtarina: ur a great guy (01:33:08 PM) KarmatroN: thanks! (01:33:18 PM) KarmatroN: but no need to thank me, I thank you! (01:33:20 PM) KarmatroN: for real
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