Auto Chess is going to be dead in 1 month

What do you get when you take worst aspects of Poker(luck) and combine it with worst aspects of Chess (having to prepare the board with minions)? Well you get Auto Chess. Heroes of the Storm attempted to make casual MOBA and it sucked and is basically dead and buried. Stop trying to develop another Candy Crush for hardcore audience, making a game that is 3 times more complex than Poker, and on same breath relies perhaps even more on luck, against huge odds of losing, doesn't look that great for long time survival of genre. At least in Poker you kinda understand what the odds of getting something like a straight flush are and are most likely to just hold onto your 2 pairs and just bluff and keep all your cards. In this game you can play as safe as you can or play even on a losing streak early to maximize gold, only to lose some 2nd lowest jackass who stacks mages, only to realize they end up winning the game against those heavy armored opponents on the #1 spot you're building against. In this game you have NO WAY of seeing who exactly is the biggest threat to you, especially when people can just swap out 2-3 minions on a single turn. Game is too fast to be actually super insane competitive because there is just too many players to keep track off, and would just likely to cause a ban on whoever attempts to keep unit tracker in his or her stream, and it's just too casual overall because you might have to spend 10-15 rolls on 20-30 gold to roll a single unit that you're looking for with odds of 20% chance of every roll. And what about placing units in your side? How exactly is that difficult/even important when you're fighting 8 other players at the same time? How can you account to anything? In my opion even seeing opponents build is kinda pointless because there's simply no time for that anyway, especially during late game, but early game doesn't even matter at all. Only time you really would need to know is when you're against 1 or 2 players left, but you probably know their composition already before that because they have very likely fought you anyway. It's just confusing mess of a RNG fest and I guess sure it's fresh and new, but once the rush of playing a new game dies off, everyone is going to skip it. I mean you don't see Twitch streamers playing-- or to that matter seeing huge audiences of playing poker, why should this game be any different? I recently watched Gbay99 video of him trying to excuse this garbage and all I can say is... is he on drugs or something? He can't seriously make statements like "this game makes player skill shine", can he? It's a freakin Hearthstone card game with 2D space rather than just putting minions on straight line, that's the increased complexity of it. And on top of that the characters even are sooooooo freakin boring, and you simply get too many, there's no interactivity outside of just putting on board the best unit you think you have... *raising my hand in confusion* so what? - Isn't it enough Riot is trying to cater to casual audience of League of Legends, those who are not even playing the game, because game is too hard for them, so they have to drag those bronzies all the way to silver to feel decent? Doesn't Riot have money for putting out actual thought out innovative game? I could come up with unique game just by looking at TV for 30 minutes. First this freakin Battleroyale casual garbage and now this? What's next, we're going to have Candy Crush-clone tournaments on Twich? - I mean sure the game would attract some audience, but it's far too complex for average jocket to constantly keep track of 8 stacks of potential minions and keep rolling only to end up in frustration of expecting a winning unit. - Just the fact that you got 8 opponents alone is guarantee for unsatisfied casual audience. - I mean people can't even fathom that the starting rounds are broken in terms of competitive aspect. And there's no denying it. It's basically you giving someone tier 2 mask and opponent gets tier 1 sword, the tier 2 unit is clearly stronger. It's the same equivalent of giving NO ITEM to the guy with bad RNG in the end of the round and other player gets some 10+ armor. Like why do you even allow players to receive higher tier items on a same level, it makes no sense! TLDR: Points caught inside here from all of my posts 1. Stop making casual garbage 2. There are simply way too many opponents to fight in games like these. Maximum number should be 4 or even a simple 2 man duel. On that note, the games also take so freaking long. I mean DotA games used to take this long and nobody plays DotA when LoL was out and games were just simply faster and more action based. 3. Actually show us the odds of getting a given upgrade rather than try appeal to math nerds. 4. Economy should be far more balanced and kick off far earlier, not rely on interest 5. This is League of Legends Auto Chess, so at least ADD freakin' summoners to actually use during combat. Bonus: Actually introduce opponents board BEFORE the fight begins, let players choose unit location to maximize their chances of winning.
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