30-day test for key fragment drop chance

_Note: it is my personal experience._ So there is some statistic, of course it is not completely accurate, but giving overall view. After 9 key fragments (next KF) dropped: 3 KF for 16 wins (=17 hours ingame time (next HIT)), ~19% drop chance for KF; for next 40 wins (=34.5 HIT) 0 KF was dropped; 22.04.16 was KF drop chance reset; 23.04.16 next 3 KF for 9 wins (=5.5 HIT), ~33% drop chance for KF; 23.04.16 next 3 KF for 5 wins (=3.5 HIT), ~60% drop chance for KF; 26.04.16 next 3 KF for 15 wins (=13 HIT), ~20 drop chance for KF; 05.05.16 2 KF for 28 wins (=24.5 HIT) , ~7% drop chance for KF. KF drop rate after 9 keys is ~11% for KF, other individual drop chance is too inaccurate. Overall KF drop rate is ~12%, you need ~8 wins for KF, ~7 HIT It seems that gamemode doesnot have impact on drop chance. P. S. all time include wins and losts time, for only wins divide by 2. Here a link for Excel file with all data http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02554635329076246394
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