Dear Riot..Please read this...and uhh...tell ur opinion

Dear Riot Games, I believe it was during Season 4, i was abut to hit level 28 or 29, can´t remember very well.During that season, i liked to play ith my brother and his friends,all level 30.Since i was that "lower-level noob" i was always going support, cuz it had a less important job in the team, so they would do their work and win the games and stuff.. Since i only had Kayle as my closest champ to go support, i would always go with her support Kayle with them. When Christmas came, everyone got a "free-skin", for having a good behavior in games and not getting banned. As everyone did, i got a skin too, actually....a very good skin: Aether Wings Kayle. Probably i got it becasue of playing with my brother but...this is why im here. When i got the skin i was like : Damn, a Legendary skin and stuff .. but right now .... it doesnt mean anything for me. I only played Kayle because the only role i could go was support. I think i only played 3 games with Kayle after i got the skin...but right now it represents a waste to have a Legendary skin in my skins and not even use it. Im one of these 14 year old kids that cant buy skins on they own because i dot have money for it feels pretty bad to have a 1820rp skin in my acc just for nothing...Right now im a Rengar "main" and i have a wish to get the Night Hunter skin for him and a new icon what im here to ask for is that Riot "refunds" that skin so i can get the same amount of rp it costs and buy the skin i like, because at least i would be playing it.. Kayle is a champ that some players find strong, but it doesnt give me any excitement to play please Riot, do me that really hurst me to have such a expensive skin in my account and not using it just like that... To the ones who are watching this, tell me ur opinion, understand the "why im doing this" and leave ur maybe a Riot employee finds this Board and helps me in my problem. Pls riot... You would be helping me a lot {{item:3070}} {{champion:107}}
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