Dear Riot Games,

date: 16 Feb 2011, 17:36. I was 18 years old, playing Heroes of Newerth, DotA on Warcraft III, TD maps and many other games I can't remember right now. But on 16th of February, 2011, at 17:36 my life changed. According to my email archive, that's when I created my League of Legends account, the one I've been sitting on for the last 7 years and 4 months. It's been a journey indeed. With lows and highs, but I never took a break longer than a couple of months. This game kept me glued to the screen, I invested time, money and soul. But times changed. And not necessarily in something good or bad, but into something annoying **(bare with me, almost there.)** . **That said... my problem is the lack of content...** I own all the champions, I sit on ~20k BS with much more to come and about 3k Orange Essence. With nothing to spend them on. The lack of content towards BS/OE currencies is becoming annoying because there's literally nothing to do. I'm playing a ton of games and when I finally get 3 key fragments, I forge that key and open one of the many chests I have just to be welcomed by a... champion shard. Why do I still get champion shards if I own all of them champions? If the answer is for Blue Essence, then why do I need that much blue essence for if there's no content to spend it on, but the one champion that comes out every 3 months or so? Old players have nothing left to do in this game... and... it becomes boring. I mean, there was one icon for blue essence, one useless icon. And I'm sure there are plenty more sitting on a lot more blue essence than me, without anything to spend it on. The drop rate for skin shards is really low. That orange essence is also gathering up for no use. It's a game. I know... But it's the game I go to relax into a match of ARAM with my friends after a shit day at work. And thank you for creating this game and keeping it free to play, thank you for keeping it alive for this long, thank you! But even then... I can't keep playing if I have no goal. The quest system is crap, most people said that. I have reasons to believe the same. And the new level up system is useless if everything we get is blue essence with basically no value. Thank you for your time...
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