Dota 2

I want to start playing Dota and i want someone to tell me some basic stuff i need to know.I'm watching videos from "PurgeGamers" on Youtube or whatever the %%%% his channel's called but it's actually a chaos.This dude made like 25 videos explaining stuff and it's just too boring to watch every single one without losing some information which may be super important. I know about the similarities with League... 3 lanes called Offlane,Mid and Safe Lane. 3 types of champion pools(Agility,Strength and Intelligence). Same location for the shop but there are some "secret" ones in the jungle or in the sidelanes. Tiers 1,2,3,4 for Turrets and the Nexus(I don't remember how it's called). The itemization looks pretty similar and i think that they have guides made by players,but in the game,like the recommended items in League which makes it easy for Beginners. I'm about to download it and start playing tutorials,champion practise games and games vs bots but i want you to tell me some tips,tricks etc like the ones we telling to New League Players when they ask. :D
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