That one time riot gave EUW players something for their trouble.

I've been playing since the end of season 2 non-stop. When IRL got worse my online time in days per week would drop to about 2 or 3, but i've been playing essentially almost every day exclusively on EUW since season 3 began. Honestly it's hard to keep track of how much time passed since my first league game but i still remember it vividly, going with my friends, running no-smite Lee Sin trying to see how to turn on first person mode (i came from CoD4 at the time). And then years and years of competitive grind, going as high as plat 2 (i'm garbage, i know) Sure, i have donated only 5$ throughout years, but i have no other choice since i live in RU region (yet my ping is better on EUW) It was an amazing love-hate relationship with LoL and Riot Games. But in all of that time, despite all the bugs, crashes and lags - it never occured to me that i should be compensated for all the trouble, but i kept hearing from then League Forum(now discontinued) and Boards that NA servers were getting RP/IP compensations for experiencing the same issues as EUW had. And today after that Login Queue issue it came to me. Riot had compensated EUW players for inconvinient functionality of their services only ONCE and that was during one of two last events. I love the game, i hate it. But i surely want it to get better and see what rest of the community thinks about that and if possible share their opinions/or just prove me wrong. Cheers
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