What is your dream?

hello everyone, I couldn't sleep last night very well so I started thinking about what I want to do as my job/passion what dream to follow. I'm still not sure what I really want to do but I'm still trying hoping that one day i can make it, beside that there are also things that tries to stop me like my depression and i'm afraid someday it will take control over me resulting in a bad thing. In case someone wonders whats my passion and what i want do to further is becoming a big name in this name through youtube and streaming [http://youtube.com/c/reins](http://youtube.com/c/reins) - no, dear god i'm not doing this to advertise myself, i just told it in case you want to flame me - However what's your dream or passion or what you plan to do in the near future? I mean not as a job or something usual but some crazy dream that you want to chase ;D
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