Disapointed on how this season start is being handled, especially as an EU player.

Actual bullshit that EU is being left out an entire split. Why the hell would I bother with ranked if I know I'm not getting the same experience people in NA and Korea get. I heard people were not to thrilled on the positional ranking system but I actually think its a lovely addition and couldnt wait to use it. And then there is the whole dragging out the sylas release. First its being released with the patch notes and now we have to wait till the weekend, when every single 10 year old whiny brat doesnt have school and league becomes an even bigger cesspool of toxic people so playing sucks the life out of you. I lost all my will to play at day 1 of the ranked season. Good job Riot. I actually cant believe I booted up the cleint, noticed all these things and just closed it again to play magic the gathering. Ty Riot for being the biggest boozekill in a while.
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