"Spaghetti bowl" state of my games

Every single game I play has 100% chance of "spaghetti bowl" or "headphones in pocket" and it has been happening since the season start By spaghetti bowl I mean: - If I win botlane as adc my jungler and midlaner make sure that enemy midlaner can ruin my lane - If I win toplane my botlane and mid will make sure I lose my lane - If I play jungle toplaner will either lose automatically or constantly push and flame me for dying under their tower - If I play mid the chances of winning are greater but I rarely get mid so boo hoo for me - If I play support I have 75% chances of getting people that do all of the above and 25% chances of winning - also have I mentioned i have 90% chance of getting a troll botlane translation: tangled All I want is for this suffering to end I should be the one eating that spaghetti I should be the one who has untangled headphones Today for example I got some guy that was autofilled and straight out said: i am not playing supp i go top or mid It ended with him picking kata supp and trolled our twitch which also after a bit started trolling I won my lane and also won midlane since there was noone else to do so But guess what happened to their Yi that was behind yup got fed ...somehow ...as in every game I play vs yi (btw can that champ get reworked already, all he has to do is ks a couple of times and then kill stealing becomes "kill siphoning") I'm tired of constantly having to post stuff on boards about trolls I can't seem to stop getting Whats the worst is that you cant carry anymore If you won your lane you just made sure that laner can't shut you down but others sure can because you get teammates like me My mmr is already low enough yet the game doesn't think so I don't want to play normals from now on just because I cant find normal teams anymore
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