Hextech crafting takes too damn long

When you use tokens of any kind (let's use the most recent Trials tokens as an example) and want to make, let's say blue essence or key fragments, it takes so long to turn all your tokens into the loot of your choice, as you can only do one at a time. So let's say you have 300 tokens and want to make blue essence out of all of it. You would have to click 300 times on craft and sit through 300 crafting animations, that takes way too long. It's pretty bad there isn't an easier way to do this, especially when you can choose to make 2 keys if you have 6 key fragments, why can't you do it with tokens? Riot, please make it so I and other players don't have to waste so much time doing something so trivial. Sincerely a guy who doesn't have enough free time to waste on crafting
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