A Massage to all Elitists

Dear elitists. I come before you bearing the great massage called "f*ck off". We don't care about you. We don't care about your skill, we don't care about you rank. You don't play this game (or any competitive game for that matter) for fun, but simply to sh*t on people that aren't as good as you. You exists solely for negative attention and your only goal is to ruin someone's day simply cause they got outplayed or simply lost the lane. You are the poison and catalyst of any gaming community. You act like adolescent school girls, only the sad part is you never grow up. You spread the same stories, cry about every aspect of the game that isn't in your favor. You have nothing that we as a community want. All you have are social platforms over which you gather the minority that thinks the same and that is how you become vocal. On behalf of all the reasons games should be played, I urge you...just f*ck off... Sincerely yours, - Kind regards
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