Should Riot games implement a reward system every time you rank up? PLEASE READ RIOT!!!

Okay, this has been annoying me for a while, is when you rank up each level you will be reward such things. Such as one rune unlock and etc. but every time I level up I feel like that I am not getting the RIGHT reward. What I want to see is that when I want to rank up i will be able to get IP reward, it's so hard to get so much IP in game because I would have to spend it on champions runes and rune pages. For example something like this: This would make my life so much easier because right now I'm struggling on getting IP only by games, if we have rewards then later on it would not be difficult to get IP. To be honest I spend so much IP on finding the right champs (I also wasted all my refunds, and yes I actually refund Garen for 450 IP. Kill me!). Riot games it does have to be too rewarding like once you hit level 30 you will have 10,000 IP. I love League of Legends but small things like these make me not feeling rewarding. (Plus, Riot don't make the game too easy if you know what I'm trying to say). Tell me what you think Riot Games should do to the leveling up system! I will read all the comments and will be replying to them. Thank you, ImTerribleNo1
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