Ranked LP suggestion

I think the current system of getting lp through wins is very bad the amount of wins and losses shouldnt have any effect on the personal rank of the player since you can play perfectly and still lose lp because your team %%%%s up. I think that getting lp should be a combination of how you play and wins and even losing. Like if you had a system that you had a constant lp for example +10lp for win and a changing +LP depending on how you play like it starts at +8lp and then depending on how you play it gains for example a bonus 4 lp to the 8 so you get 10lp for the win and then 12 for how you play and if you play bad you get the 10+ and then 8-2 so you get 16lp. And for the losses you have a constant of -14LP that also scaling depending on how you play so if you play good you might just lose 9 LP and if you play bad you might lose 16-17Lp. I personally think this would fix much of the frustration in ranked and put people in ranks that they should have. It would eliminate the frustration of going 24/5 and still losing 20+ LP and it would make boosting and luck much more punishing. A more polished version of this idea would make everything easier with knowing how much you need to play and also make people not troll since it would punish them hard also including some scaling depending on your rank and past ranks/mmr. This would make people think more of themselves and improving instead of flaming and being toxic against other people because they know that they will get more punished if they play bad or int. This system would solve many problems and remove many frustrations about ranks and getting/losing lp but also bring forth some smaller problems like people caring too much about their kda. But all of this is just a suggestion and some personal thoughts and I have no idea of any of this would work ^^
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