Community, please, help me to enjoy this game again.

I don't want this to be a whine-topic, but it most likely is because i'm mad, sad, unhappy, all the negative stuff at once. Back in S3 i was solid in plat league, having bad placement matches in S4 (2 wins, yay) I had a hard time going from silver, all the way back up to plat, finding myself losing like 20 games in a row to be demoted to gold again, going all the way back to gold 4 to the point of total frustration, pure anger, hating this game, every player that was ever in my team and so on. At that point, I tried to get rid of my account because I don't enjoy this game anymore. Eventually I got back to the game after all the preseason chances and it was a terrible experience for me. It was all that why I left it. I kept away from ranked because I thought the root of all evil lying there and went on for Teambuilder playing champs I liked to learn or maybe from time to time some I "mastered". My attitude was bad though and I underperformed heavily. I couldn't farm, I just sucked. I played like a bronze noob (sorry to all the people stuck there). After another break I started doing rankeds again and it went ok at the beginning (50% winrate) from Silver 1 going up to G2 in a quick manner. Well, it took me 16 promos to go to G4, alway 1 win, 2 loses, 1st game after promos won, 1 win, etc. Eventually I made it though, ending in G2. Having my goal of being in Platinum almost in reach, feeling comfortable in most of my games (I didn't do so damn well sometimes, in most cases I did at least not feed my opponents to death, was helpfull, cheering up my mates, trying to motivate them and do my best in teamfights) and in some way always did a lot of contribution to wins, not necessarily by playing super well, more the team stuff I just mentioned. G2 was the breaking point though. I mean, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, some days you don't win, some days you only win. But shit started getting real again. Since I got to G2 it think I played 27 games with an incredible amount of 5 wins. In some games I didn't play too well, the enemy teams outplayed me (I think whenever my play was bad in 80% it was an enemy team effort to take my lane down hard), random stuff happens. My problem is, I'm either unable to carry teams, no matter how good I play. All games are looking good until my people behave like bronze guys, get caught, focus terrible, do terrible calls. I get the feeling i'm playing with lower silver teams against upper gold teams. I see how my attitude changes again. I can't go motivated in a game when I don't get some role I really like, when my team comp just looks terrible, people saying "yeah, we are fine, just farm" and start feeding after 2 minutes I'm already a pain in the ass (like predicting the stuff which is gonna lose us the game [which happens in most cases]). Like lately, I played against Sona (Mid), Ali & Teemo (Bot), Bard (Top) and some random shit jungle. My team was excited "Those noobs, got no AD, easy". I told them "They have a shitload of cc and will burst us down so quickly, not gonna be easy". In the end, it was a shitload of cc and bursting. Long story short, I feel powerless, I know I can do better and I should at least be in Platinum. I'm not a guy for the upper Plat devisions or even DIA, I lack continuity in my performance for that. Can you give me any hints what I can or should change to win some games again? I'm trying really hard to read the game more, predict traps etc. which works well, my mates just ignore every good will and do the opposite which makes me so, so, so sad. My MMR is so terrible already (DAMN AGAIN in 2 seasons) I would need to win 60% of my games to not lose LP which, at the moment, seems to be a far away dream anyways.
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