After two years of being solid hard stuck plat player, I can't make it out of gold this year.

And yeah, I'm mad. This has been the worst season yet and I dislike this years mid season changes with passion. I've never been that great of a player when it comes to mechanics but so far, I was able to make up for it with 'macro' and that used to be one of the things I really liked about the game. No matter how good or bad your kill score was, you could still win games by spam pinging free objectives around the map, hoping your team listens. To me, the idea of a perfectly clean game used to be destroying enemy nexus with no kills or deaths, purely out macroing the other team, putting yourself in a position where the enemy could not even fight you. For the past two seasons, I ended in plat, peaking 1 win from p1 promos in the previous pre season. I admit, I haven't had as much time to play this season as before, so at the beginning of the season, I only made it to p4 and even if it felt I could keep climbing, I didn't play enough to do so. Then came the mid season changes and 'new meta' and I went on a two week losing streak (I believe I actually didn't win a single game in these two weeks), ending up in gold and haven't been able to climb out since. The mechanical skill level of players doesn't differ too much from silver to diamond (haven't played against anything over mid dia, so I can't say about that), but yeah. There used to be plenty of silver players, especially one tricks, with 1000 games on a single champion, who were easily as good as low diamond players if not better, but never made it out of silver, coz all they did was chase kills, when the actual game was about killing enemy nexus. Now I bet, lot of these type of silver players are in diamond, because the game no longer seems to be about objectives, but rather a random brawl in the mid lane, where the winner, in best case, is a coin toss, but usually comes down to who's solo lanes get fed early on. I mean, even the worlds this year was bit of a s* show. Sure, it was nice to see 'other regions stepping up', but most of these 'upsets' were due to even the pro teams not being able to figure out wtf is going on with league and we ended up with a world champion who's not even the strongest team in their region.
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