The Botting in Bot games

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I have just played 2 bot games and lost both of them because of Bots on **MY** team. I am very disappointed in the quality of gameplay in Bot games, what's the point in having the game mode if not to take it easy and have fun, how can you expect people to enjoy the game or even learn anything when 4 bots go mid and feed the enemy mid lane 10 kills at 6 mins in. It is quite frankly disgusting that this is allowed in the game at all, bots might seem irrelevant but I really enjoyed playing bot games, I have played over 210 bot games on my main and am now unable to because of the filth in the game. It is not completely unwinnable and I am sure a high skilled player could win in both in the current state but I don't play bots to go on my main and try hard. Just trying to get someone high up to notice this. I have enclosed a photo of one of the games.
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