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Hello there, I KNOW that this doens't have to do anythign with League of Legends, but i had to give it a try. I need some of Riot people to see this and maybe help with this! You probably heard what's happening in Amazon Rainforests by now.. If not, i'll tell you shortly. Amazon is producing 20% of Earth's oxygene and now.. it is on fire. The lungs of earth are on fire. People are trying to take it down but sadly they don't have the resources and money to do so.. The Brazilian Amazon is a home to 1 million indigenous people and there are 3 million species of animals, not to mention that all of them are unique and so are the plants that grow there! Right now it is burning for 2 and a half weeks and the fire can't stop... there have been more than 74,000 fires in only 20 weeks and they're saying that the amount of fire is going to increase soon! I'm asking u as a random League of Legends player, help these people save their homes and the nature that exists there. Let's do better and save this heaven on earth. I call all willing players to enter in the link and donate as much as they can, the situation is becomming critical now. As for Riot, You guys are doing an amazing job and i know u've done charities before (for exemple when u gave all the money from Championship Ashe skin to a charty). I genuenly hope that u can help here. U have a large communty and i think that there are players that are willing to help, you have the power to make a change!!! We're all humans we should protect our planet doesn't matter if its on some other continent... Can u make another charity like the one u made for the Ashe skin? They need our help more than ever! Guys SHARE this post so people become aware of what is happening, we can't afford to lose it. We're already loosing the coral reefs that produces a big amout of oxygen too. WE need to make people aware of this! If we don't help our own planet, who's going to? Thanks for reading this! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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