Damage suggestion

Hi there, I'm playing this game for like 6 and a half years and I wanna suggest something. The overall damage in the game is really high in my opinion. Bruisers can outdamage every role,assassin's damage is too high and you don't even need skill to do so + they do it even if they do not hit all spells, ad-carry's are useless (I mean in that way that cassio, heime and karthus are better then any ad-carry), damage on tanks is way to high and the sustain and utility is way to low (witch is vice versa), it's the same thing for supports (to much damage, low utility)... **What if you added the global 10% damage debuff?** The lifesteal on adc's would not be useless like nowdays (because you are getting oneshoted by everyone) and the game would not be done for 15-25 minutes. Adc would be good, anti-healing items would be in use, tanks will have more sustain, bruisers would not deal to much damage, for assassin you would need skill, supports would find they're use (helping the adc, instead of focusing on the damage)... I'am sorry for my english, whoever reads this.
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