Please reconsider Pool Party Miss Fortune's splash art.

Splash arts play a major role on advertising the skin and incredibly increases the chances of it getting purchased regardless of what it actually looks like in game. So please consider working on Pool Part Miss Fortune over again, or at least fix the damn face because it definitely is not MF's face right there. In case people didn't see the splash yet, here is what it looks like. --> Like holy crap she looks like a man, one particular "famous" man I could think of everytime I look at her face is Danzel, here is what he looks like. --> Spot the difference. I dare you. I know most of you would be thinking why the f*ck do I care enough to make a post about it? Well, that's because I LOVE Miss Fortune and I happen to main her for the ADC role. So It's only natural I'd buy every skin that gets released for her. And I've been looking forward tot his skin until they released the splash, that's what's holding me back from buying it. Her face that looks nothing like her!
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