Need some serious supporting advice, im getting desperate

Worse case scenario I have to play adc from now on. Which I really don't want to do. I have played over thousands of games of support and it's just sad I even have to consider doing this. I just don't want to blame my ADCs anymore, action needs to be made. I can usually tell if a ADC is good or not at lvl 1, because lvl 1 - 2 tells a lot about a player in the bot lane. I don't want to be misheard and sound cocky, but this is something clear to almost anyone, i hope. Consistently I am finding my adc is failing very early on, they just don't know how to play ADC, and idk why, i just don't, but the enemy ADC shows more potential than mine. It's just sad that i keep needing to ask my adc to push for lvl 2 or even just trinket ward. You may not think this is big but it is game changing. It's come to a point my ADCs are just not contribute to anything in the game. I really don't want to be blaming my ADC, but I can't ignore this fact, I cannot look over it, when it is a problem and I am investing time into them. You can say, hey just roam, but what you have to understand that it is just harder to do this from behind. This game has honestly been ruined for me, because I don't feel like i can even accept wins anymore unless i win without my team contributing, because there will be scenarios in the future where my team will do nothing and it is up to me the support to carry. And if my team doesn't perform, i can only look at myself to blame. I feel like I am failing straight from champ select, my team will pick the weaker ADC and leave open the strong ones, or even counter pick me. I'm usually always countered because the last pick on the enemy team will be support. I can beat any counter easily, but in the end of the day I'm putting kills on an inferior ADC out of the 2 and even from behind the enemy ADC out performs, why is this a thing. I really just don't know, and please I don't want hate. I'm falling into this bad mindset where I am calling out my team, but as a support there is nothing I can do myself to solo end the game, if my team don't contribute. I want to be the one carrying, even with bad ADCs and my team doing nothing, but I just don't know how to. I have close to 2000 games on Thresh and people just don't respect that, because if i can't carry 1v5, I am considered trash. How am I suppose to improve, if I can't get past lvl 1. My wards don't work, my pings don't work, I can hit every hook in the world, but if the kills go onto useless carries, it's just meaningless. I really need help, please. I have the wrong mentality right now, but my games are forcing me to think this way.
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