I support the RP price increases.

I'm reading a lot of flame for Riot about the RP price increases and most of it appears to be written by people who * Don't have any understanding of Business. * Don't have any understanding of Currencies. * Don't have any understanding. So, time for a little education. The explanation for the RP price increases is actually very simple and sensible, so here it is. **Prices rise, currencies devalue.** Ever heard the term "inflation"? Remember how a Mars bar used to be 40p ten years ago and now is 65p minimum? That is not a coincidence, that is inflation. Every year the amount of currency (money) floating about slowly increases (most of it is issued by banks as debt and then repaid, essentially creating money). More money in the same world = Money worth less. That, in a nutshell, is inflation. That is why prices (and wages, hopefully) slowly rise. That is why £9 or $10 or whatever is not worth what it was 5 years ago and that is why the cost of RP is going up. **From Riot's perspective**, the cost of servers, the cost of staff, the cost of maintaining and updating the game for the **millions of players **is not going down, it's going up. Every year Riot's costs -even if they don't spend a penny on anything extra or new- go up. So it is inevitable that the price of RP has gone up. In fact it's impressive that Riot held back this long. I imagine their hand has been forced by the euro tanking against the dollar (TY Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy for THAT) and all their euro RP purchases suddenly becoming worth **significantly less.** SO, less of the flame guys. Businesses all over the world raise prices far more and far more often than Riot. So why don't we give them a break, eh? I think I might buy some RP in April, that Weathergirl Janna skin is just too good...
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