Ok, i understand that some splash arts in the game are a bit outdated and in the case of Phantom Karthus the chinese splash art is a good alternative. **BUT COME ON!** **FROM THIS...** **TO THIS???** It pains me to see you trying to implement unnecessary changes to good quality splash arts like Goth Annie. What is wrong with the current version? Is it looking too dark and grumpy for you? Well guess what. That is what Annie is all about. She's THE DARK CHILD FFS! And the "upgraded" version is just taking away Annie's personality. But it's not just Goth Annie's splash art that bothers me. **FROM THIS...** **TO THIS!** Now, the current Frostfire Annie might not exactly meet Riot's quality standarts of today, but i would much rather have it on the loading screen than this "upgraded" version. This DOES NOT portray Annie's personality in any way! Which is something a good splash art should do! The current Frostfire Annie does the job nicely, while the new version looks like a weaboo's wet dream. This should be illegal. Wow. Such update, much difference. **OK. EXPLAIN WHAT IS WRONG WITH CURRENT PAX SIVIR????** Just because the skin is rare, doesn't mean you can fuck up th splash art. This is clearly a downgrade! You want to replace a good modern looking splash art with a half baked cheap looking lifeless "art"! If i was an owner of Pax Sivir i would feel embaressed of it, because the "better" splash will look so out of place on the loading screen. I don't have to say anything. You can see the difference in the quality for yourself. Yup. They're removing Gentleman Cho's pipe. Gragas Esq. is probably next. Because "use of alcohol and tobacco". Thank goodness this didn't make it trough. These are just some examples of downgraded splash arts. Whoever is approving these changes, sir, or madam, please evolve some sence of aesthetics. Because nearly 70% of the chinese arts are terrible. TerriBAD in Bunny Teemo's case. But, some replacement splash art aren't bad. This is a good replacement for the current outdated art Xin has has since his release. Also, can anyone explain how this... Was not replaced with this? I know Warwick is supposed to get a rework, but at the moment, he probably has the most outdated splash art, besides Yorick who will also get rworked. But no. Better change perfectly fine Goth Annie and Pax Sivir, right? Because Mama Tencent told you to! That's the end of this post. If i sound salty, and i sound like i am venting, well, it's probably because I AM! I am a customer and a member of this community. And i have every right to voice out my complaints. I may not be an expert in splash arts, but i am not blind and i can tell the difference between a good quality League of Legends splash art and some cheap garbage that looks like it was found at the dollar store! P.S I'm sooo glad Taric got rworked before Riot had the chance to implement his chinese arts. _Almighty._
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