A League player whose hard disk died (part 2)

Okay , thanks for reading the first part of my story and my rambling. (Y'all are beautiful) if you didn't read the first part, here it is https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/k5AUPpNm-a-league-player-whos-hard-disk-died So a lot of you agree that Sylas is Hot, Even Will Smith Can say that himself "Aaaaahahaa, That's hot!" So since most of you picked "Sylas is Hot", you know what that means? STORYTIME! How i came up with my current Summoner Name~! Well it all started when i was 9, when Kongregate was a thing i kept playing games on that site as a Guest, so i said: "you know what? i'll make my account!" So i did it step-by-step UNTIL... "Please type in your in-game username" it was difficult. I kept thinking of Cool Names but they were all taken. I was funny back then, so i put "funny" as the first part of the username "friend" because i was always a good friend and "lol" at the end for "Laughing Out Loud" "WAIT, STEVEN, WASN'T IT *23* IN THE END????" It wasn't , until years later i decided to Give League Of Legends a go. THAT is where my username shines. "Huh, i know what to put as my Summoner name, kek" and so, FunnyFriend23 ....was born. And yeah that pretty much sums up how i came up with a dumb but accepted name. Okay, so back to my League of Legends beginner expirience. "So how did you do with items? did you go well?" Uhhhhhhhh not quite. I once built AP on Vayne (I regret it) Then there was one game where i built armor on Ziggs for god knows what reason (i regret that too) and then i once built Crit on Zed (That...I not Regret. It was OP until it was kinda nerfed) "Steven, There's a recommended built tab for a reason" Huh? there is? (I have no idea why, but it didn't show me any reommended build for the Champions i played) "yeah man, just *C l i c k* on the tab" oh, okay , i see. (Many wrong "First Item Builds" later) Oh Cool i learned how to build properly and not build 3 of the same starter items like in season 7. NEW CHANGEEEESSSS~! IP is no longer a thing for some reason and Blue Essence became more valuable and easier to collect. You can get it by : Disenchanting Champions (BE depends on how much they cost but 50% less BE income) or When there are missions, you get BE based on what Riot thinks is okay. ("First win of the day" mission gives 400 XP but 50 BE...) ( * 5 0 * B l u e E s s e n c e ) (why not 1000 BE?) (there are still "Veterans" out there who don't have enoug BE to buy a champion) (actually don't do anything please i'm not complaining) "One Real Question... Did you ever get a pentakill?" Of course i did!~! "PvP games?" yes~! "How many Pentas?" uhhh, about 4. 1. With Master Yi as a Top Laner (Master YI Top in season 8 was OP) 2. With Pyke (it's uhh....it's fairly simple...Just R and that's it) 3. WIth Camille (Thi*CC* Pokemo- I mean, Champion) 4. With Kayn. (okay, now HERE'S a funny story in another story!) (so i was playing the 2nd Nexus Blitz and there was a mini game with URF in it) (i was playing Kayn with Darkin Form and i could spam Q every 0.5 secods) (my Q did tons of damage cause i built Lethality) (and i shred EVERYTHING) (See that Amumu? HE'S DEAD) (what happened to Amumu after? He turned into TOILET PAPER~!) (See that Garen? HE'S DEAD) (what happened to Garen After? He turned into A BEYBLADE~!) (See that Teemo?) ("Nope") (Oh yeah me neither) (and uhhh yeah, easy penta) "Steven, we know you keep talking on and on and on and keep changing topics on and on and on, but can we ask one thing?" Yeah go ahead. "How come this Post is Titled A League Player Whose hard Disk Died and not Story Time with FunnyFriend23?" becuause i'm starting it off with some stories about my past League Expirience and THEN i'll talk about my hard disk and what i'll do after i get a new one. so for now, it stays..... A Secret~! "Hey you can over level 30" you CAN???? wow, i didn't realise that i already got to level 60 wow, i didn't realise that i already got to level 100 wow, i didn't realise how much of a single pringle i am. Then, Elementary School flashed before my eyes and i was already diving into High School (Currently i'm a freshman) And you probably know what time it is when you finish all your semesters in school... you get some of that... Summeeeeeer Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime~! And i thought Brand was the hotter than summer! (Let's face it, Sylas takes the cake for being *HHHHHot*) (And for some reason i'm making a literal Bible on the Boards) ("The Newer-Est Testament from Steven") (okay who wants to make that a religion?) (. . . ) (nobody? yeah that's a good idea) ( aannnnnd i'm ending the second part here) ... ... ... ... oh wow i didn't make a single Trivago Joke unlike last time (Trivago jokes made so far : 2 )

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