everyone who plays league should know this !

1-Don't facecheck a bush when you don't know where the enemy team is, seriously, just don't. There is no logical explanation to "We're did the enemy go, bet they are in that bush" 2- Don't try new champs in ranked games, just don't do it, seriously. 3- try to juke skillshots . 4- The Fog of War is your enemy, don't go there alone. 5- The Jungler is there to give you a slight edge, not to win your lane. 6- Even if you are not the support, BUY A ward trinket its only for 250 and after lvl 9 . 7- dont go baron if they enemy jungler is alive or if you dont know where he is . 8- go baron if all of the enemies lanes are pushed and you killed most of them or aced them . 9- always buy pink ward . 10- about 19 cs is = 1 kill ( in gold ) , so try your best at last hitting . 11- dont chase for kills if 2 enemies or more are dead, instead go get a tower or drake or baron . 12- when the enemy is in the baron pit kill them first then complete baron .and if its low do the opposite. 13 - know in which camp the enemy jungler will start , so u can anticipate when and where he will gank , and place a ward there . 14- if you are new to this game try to play vs bots , only few players will give you tips in normal game most of them will flame you if u do bad . 15- dont blame your jungler just because your getting camped , if i get camped i prioritize wards over items . + dont always push the lane if you dont know where the enemy jungler is . 16- GLHF

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