The human body evolving to become better at e-sports?

The real scars of Korean gaming - BBC News
In a quiet room full of the glistening trophies he's won, Lee Young-ho rolled up the right sleeve on his grey jumper. A scar, half an inch wide, stretched from just above the elbow and up over his shoulder. "Our company paid for full medical expenses, so he had an operation," explained his coach, Kang Doh Kyung.
Basically the best StarCraft player in South Korea got a scar, how? He gets a scar because from too much playing his skin opened up on his arm right where the muscle area is. The body is probably trying to evolve so he can become even better and faster at StarCraft by dumping out excessive muscle and other stuff. Do you guys think so too? I see a bright future for humanity and e-sport! Anyone here ever experienced something like this too?
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