League on Linux - a minor Request

Hi There Riot, I really like your game. I have had my issues with it and took a break for a while, but recently I have been getting back into it and really enjoyed it again, just like when I started back in Season two. A lot has Changed since I first started playing, one of the main things being my switch to Linux a few Months ago. League worked fine under wine with occasional hiccups, but they were not the hardest to resolve. I understand that the Linux player base is rather small, but there can't be that much less than under Mac, so I kind of feel i can ask this. **Please be aware of projects like Wine, Lutris and Proton that do enable more Players to play your game.** There must be some Developers in your Studio that also appreciate Linux and would like to contribute to enabling the game at least with a compatibility layer. With your most recent patch (9.10, 15.5), you completely broke installations under Wine. The Game crashes after champ select, when loading into the Rift. This is also true for wine derivatives like Steams Proton. I hope that I can go back to enjoying some games once the Linux community (maybe with some help?) has found a workaround for the issue and I hope this won't become a regular occurrence, so that I won't have to go days without my fix of the rift. Hope this wasn't to whiny and have a nice day, A fan
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