I know this isn’t the right place to put it but I need advice

I’ve seen other people ask for life advice on the boards before and I know you guys prob don’t care and especially about me (Im prob the least popular board regular here) but I don’t really have anywhere else to go and I feel really pathetic talking about this irl. There’s a guy I’ve been crushing on for 2 years now, I’ve tried to get over him and it’s not worked and the crush has caused me a lot of pain over the years and now the guy is in a relationship and it’s just killed me inside I’m having constant anxiety attacks (for reference I’m emotionally unstable so I’ve got very little control over emotions). How do I get over him... nothing I’ve tried works and I can’t just get into a relationship cause I’ve got negative luck when it comes to that... I just regret everything right now and I hate that cause he’s my best friend. Again I’m sorry for bothering it’s not the right place to talk about this I’m just at rock bottom right now.

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