worth a permban?

is this rly worth a permban wtf? Game 1 Ïmaqtpie: dude Ïmaqtpie: type Ïmaqtpie: more Ïmaqtpie: u fckign Ïmaqtpie: ashole Ïmaqtpie: wtf Ïmaqtpie: ??? Ïmaqtpie: k y s Ïmaqtpie: xd Ïmaqtpie: get of me Ïmaqtpie: dude buy items dont upgade it asap Ïmaqtpie: y wp pick that stupid as useless champ more Ïmaqtpie: this needs to die Ïmaqtpie: wtf is wrong ywith you people im not a fcking tank Ïmaqtpie: stop ulting me vi wtf Ïmaqtpie: wasted baron xd Ïmaqtpie: 9 Ïmaqtpie: 0 group Ïmaqtpie: XD Ïmaqtpie: idk this shyvan Ïmaqtpie: wow Ïmaqtpie: team Ïmaqtpie: xD Ïmaqtpie: shyvana why would you waste time Ïmaqtpie: why dont u just come mr Ïmaqtpie: sad Ïmaqtpie: and win Ïmaqtpie: wtf Ïmaqtpie: XD Ïmaqtpie: and unlucky adc Ïmaqtpie: holysht this tristan is so useless Ïmaqtpie: we aint got a adc either Ïmaqtpie: sad Ïmaqtpie: yes please Ïmaqtpie: ty
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