Guide to getting your account back after Perma-Ban.

#Step 1: Break all the Rules. Get Banned. #Step 2: Have no Guilt about your actions until you realize that your stuff has been taken away. #Step 3: Ignore the Riot Support and head straight to the forums to plead your case to the community. #Step 4: Insult Riot. #Step 5: Say that you did nothing wrong and were absolutely angelic to everyone you played against. #Step 6: Then show us the chat logs where you insult your team mates. Call everyone noobs. Ask everyone to report everyone else. Act like a general nasty person. #Step 7: Explain that it isn't your fault but that of the feeders and trolls and flamers. Tell the community how the truly bad people cause you to press enter and type those nasty things. Mute doesn't work because they are forcing you to open the chat bar and type insulting messages. It can't be your fault, this is out of your control. Right? #Step 8: Actually have the community tell you, and the many people before you, that permanent ban is forever. You are no different. Yes, you were a complete and utter dick. You are not the victim here as you were banned for *your* actions that *you* had the ultimate choice of whether or not to do them. Don't blame the feeders, troll or other flamer for forcing you to do anything. They didn't. You chose to lash out. #Step 9: Pointlessly Beg. #Step 10: Realize that you have been justly punished for being toxic in game and breaking the rules. No matter if you were being retaliatory-toxic, you were still being toxic and you even agreed that you will lose your account, all your skins, champions and progress, if you were toxic and broke the rules, when you accepted the Terms of Use at the start of every patch cycle just after the client finishes updating. #Step 11: Learn from your mistakes. Grow up. Stop being childish. Either leave forever or make a new account and play nicely this time. #Step 12: Hm, maybe this guide doesn't work? You haven't got your account back. #Step 13: Oh yes, that's right, because **_permanent means forever._**
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