I don't really understand the banning system?

Hey, Before starting I do want you know I have 1 permanently Banned account. So I don't really understand the concept of banning or punishing in video game just in general. But is this system is formed to remove toxicity from the game or just actually removing players who possess excessive amount of toxicity. I understand the concept of chat restriction I think it's reasonable and it had taught me "/mute all" and it is in general a punishment I can accept and try to remove the the toxic behavior from my game. I also think the AFK 20 min low priority queue is reasonably good as a punishment. But I really don't understand 14 day suspension and permanent bans. So I got two 14 days suspension before I got permanently banned. But I will be honest even after getting 2 "14 days suspension" did little to nothing in helping me decrease or even control my toxic behavior. It literally helped me just level up two new accounts as 14 days is all takes to get an account to level 30(No exp boost). Even though I don't like the 14 days suspension it did no harm to my love for the game but it also did nothing to help me be less toxic. The bad things happened when I got permanently banned. A rioter said it will help me realizing how important main accounts are and warned me not to display any other toxic behavior so my other accounts don't get banned. That statement actually did negative impact because after I was permanently banned I asked for an explanation I'm banned fine I understand the punishment for my actions but I also explained riot that the other players in the game for which I got banned for were toxic to me too. Like I was in a toxic environment and I defended myself with my toxicity for which I got banned fair enough but those other people in the same game got no punishment at all. I got banned and they didn't get any punishment at all and that literally just IDK it just had a really negative impact to the point it made me rage quit more. Their would be times I will slam my hand on the table and shout why don't they get banned over and over. These are the things that happens after getting a permanently banned account. 1. Losing the drive to improve :- I just can't make up mind to invest more time into literally trying to improve in the game. 2. Fear of trying new stuff :- I can't try new champs. I will be bad at either my team or enemy team will flame me for that and I will again try to defend myself but the only way to defend yourself in a toxic environment is to be toxic( Can't do that). 3. Negative Impact :- Getting your first ban will make you more toxic (Not verbally but by Actions). I started rage quitting, Base camping, AFKing & Intentionally feeding. All these things that I didn't used to do I did it all after my permanent ban. 4. Hate for the community :- This is the worse one. But I used to be toxic to people in game. After my permanent ban I'm literally flaming my friends, people online, rioter, streamers & I've just developed a hate for the community and for Riot games. What do you guys think? In my opinion "Permanently banning" and "14 days suspension" fails their purpose of removing toxicity from the game it's more like removing players from the game and I don't those kind of punishment are necessary in the game because at the end of the day no one actually hates playing the game in fact people love this game but when people get these "Unfair punishments" I can't blame them for being toxic towards the community
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