Honest question: Is Evelynn meta?

Imo she's terrible nowadays. No early pressure, no tankiness, no lategame, barely any cc compared to others. Squishy as a sponge. Then why all the sudden are people playing her in ranked? Each eve jgl i've had on my team we lose miserably. Am i just unfortunate with the eve players themselves? Last game I had an eve who literately never ganked properly and only came in the worst times. Either too late when i'm low on hp and/ or mana, have a huge wave under tower or the enemy tucked under his. As an eve i don't get how any of these scenarios screams "gank". Check for wards, wait in bush till the wave is smaller, keep an eye out for when i'm back. Anything really wold be better than whatever she was thinking. I get playing what you love but keep it for normals. A meta exists for a reason, stick with it in ranked please.
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