Dear rioters, I have a request

Dear rioters Now as the new queue is a disaster and I and many others are impatient for this to come out we all wish for slight uptades every now and then. So far so good, I have read all the posts here that include anything on the new queue but since friday there have been none. May be that you have nothing to say but even just a update saying "We're still working on the issue, no change so far." or "techs still testing, we'll know more in a few days" followed the next day by "hang in there, we're still on it!" The only thing I am really wishing for here is for you to be more active! You're keeping the ones that wants to stay updated on a painfull trip here. I am the one that searches the boards and surrenderat20 for my friends and keep them updated but as there is no updates on the new queue system we're basicly giving up on riot so please just... be a little more possible to get a hold of and know what's going on! Aside from that I think you're great! All your major updates and your apologies for f'ing up are easy understandable and right on time so I only wish for a few more "useless" updates!
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