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League of Leagends Tube - Twoje miejsce w sieci z filmami, obrazkami i memami!
Hi, I have a pleasure to introduce to You a newly made concept of LoLTube - a league of legends related material datebase simillar in concept to improved with meme generation and additional features. In near future new solutions will be implemented starting from : TOP (new/daily/weekly/etc), FB login (without wall publication ;) ), RSS Feed, Vine adding option, contest module and so on. Site is using Polish language for now, but there is no language restrictions for contents and we're implementing language switching right now. Feel free to take part in community life, add some new materials and have a lot of fun using our site. In terms of service character and legal rights materials with mature content will be deleted. We're looking forward for expanding our moderation team and We'll gladly make a partnership with some streamers/material creators. See You all there! :)

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