Questions about Annie-versary! ( and other gifts )

1- Can you get that skin if you get banned in season 8? ( actually i once got banned for being afk nearly a year ago. there was a penalty to wait few minutes before every match. and that lifted after i used support a ticket and played a few games as being a nicer guy. does it prevent me from getting gifts? ) 2- Can you get anniversary 10 gifts if you got banned or chat restricted in the season 9.( i didn't get banned in season 9 btw ) 3- Can you get this skin if you are still in chat restricted or banned? ( just curious ) 4- Is this skin exclusive to only get through 10 day anniversary gifts? i mean you can get it through hextech chests in the future? ( just curious ) Again as i mentioned before, i am just curious about question number 2 , 3 and 4, but question number 1 is important.( i didn't afk for over 1 year and i have a pbe account. consider those when you want to answer question number 1 ) I don't really know when will my questions end about league of legends :P Every single day i have to bother you! ( i am sorry XD ) Thank you for answering... Have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{champion:202}}
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