How we measure skill

After just over a year playing this game ive come to realise that the way skill is perceived is outright unhelpful. its common to hear that people dont get "good" until they are diamond. no other game restricts such a rediculously high barrier (top 1%) for that kind of meh praise and, well i do love the competitiveness and think this CAN drive people to improve, it cant be motivating for those in silver or gold to constantly hear they are trash at a game they've honestly gotten pretty good at. yes these players at such a high level SHOULD be rewarded and respected, but as some of the best in the world, the top 1% percentile, not as "you are okay now, just my 2 cents xd {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Edit: just to clarify, your problems with the matchmaking/dynamic q ect is a completely separate (and imo exaggerated) issue, this is more about community perception
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