ok so i got perma banned too. for asking in all chat to report a flamer and troller. x) wall of text

not for toxicity. i never flamed. nor passively trolled nor abused anyone. but for repeatedly negative attitude. if some1 told me this back at season 4 id laugh. i was and still am(was) getting honors in most of my ranked games. no lies thread. i practically got perma banned because each time i get trollers in my games i say 3-4 times in all chat report X for intentionaly feeding (him being 0/15/0 at 20 mins), or report Y for troll pick (being assigned into jungle from new champion selection but he decided to come top and troll me) examples. and ill clarify this. i never flame nor troll. i only grumble a bit by asking others to report the greifer. and when i get a flamer and toxic guy towards me i never flamed him back. i only say muted and reported, and i mute him. after 5 years... i started lol at season 1. and i got into the competitve ranked frenzy since season 2. i play like 2k ranked games each year. i never got any punish untill season 5 when i got some chat bans for the same reason. here comes this new system. it all started when bots took control over tribunal. yes, yes ,yes before u start fighting and bulling me, i know this system has done a great work and most flamers have been banned, and now we dont seem many of them bcs they are either scared either banned either quit lol. but it had a cost. allowing bots to do that, got me also banned. and except that, now the old flamer is the guy who passively trolls you. him, being undetectable from riot system. he may not say a single word, he may not even feed. but he can bully u so hard. in school he would get suspended for sure nowdays. i had ask riot why on my 1st punishments. the chat logs they had sent me had no flame or anything , and so they told me that reportcalling is punishable. i was sent 3 chat logs. in all 3 of them the only thing i had say was 2 times in all 3 of them in all chat report x for trolling. so yeah, when u guys would get a disco nunu in your team, meaning some1 just picks nunu with clarity and clairvoyance and after pressing /dance and using his spells ontop of him, then he proceeds into running around all lanes and feeding opponents. so, when u would get that guy in your team, and the only thing u would say in the whole chat was in all chat "report nunu plz bg wp" TWICE in the game, even if only nunu reported you for whatever reason, you would get a valid report. add that report to other example games, like once every 3 days, ( since i play 5 hours per day), it sums up to a punish. anyway. a chat log : (the official link from email doesnt work like months now so i cant verify this sry.) Billy Darkcrash: report heca trolling bg Billy Darkcrash: for ? Billy Darkcrash: u2 then Billy Darkcrash: lol Billy Darkcrash: now i have a reason Billy Darkcrash: unlike u Billy Darkcrash: which is ? Billy Darkcrash: thought so Billy Darkcrash: since u just bs ill mute u Billy Darkcrash: u lose my lane and u think ill stay top now Billy Darkcrash: idk why i went top Billy Darkcrash: mb Billy Darkcrash: report kayle Billy Darkcrash: she was just there Billy Darkcrash: looking me die Billy Darkcrash: bg Billy Darkcrash: she and heca troll Billy Darkcrash: u2 Billy Darkcrash: u intentionaly let me die Billy Darkcrash: heca tolled my lane Billy Darkcrash: i went top once Billy Darkcrash: and he dived me Billy Darkcrash: 100-0 Billy Darkcrash: so i cant go top Billy Darkcrash: its not troll Billy Darkcrash: troll is what u justdid Billy Darkcrash: again u bs Billy Darkcrash: i mute u til lgame ends now Billy Darkcrash: u both troll Billy Darkcrash: heca better take jungle Billy Darkcrash: why u play ranked Billy Darkcrash: if u dont want to win them Billy Darkcrash: fizz no f Billy Darkcrash: fizz no ulty zhonyas earlier when i went to riot support to ask an explanation for such an unworthy penalty they replied (translated) : we checked your recent behavior in-game and we suspended your account due to extreme toxic behavior. here is another chat log : [1:02] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): icri [1:46] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): 650 games swain [1:49] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): 350 thresh [1:53] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): 0 nasus XD [5:15] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): turret range failed me [5:38] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i believed [6:02] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): u shuld [6:04] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i keri u [7:32] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): u do nothing [7:49] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i cant play 1v2 [7:52] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): janna left me [7:54] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i cant go bot [10:02] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): KERI [12:52] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i dont go bot again [12:57] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): idk why i lsiten to you [14:45] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): i killed him [14:57] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): not my fault nasus died [15:06] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): and skarner [17:30] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): stop doing what [19:24] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): we will lose because i am 1/8 [19:30] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): and i am 1/8 because i was and aam 1v2 bot [19:55] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): janna reported for verbal abuse [21:14] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): u are the ones who keep fighting them [21:17] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): idk why u blame me [21:38] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): u arae reported [21:54] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): wont be valid report [23:27] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): swain no spells [26:00] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): janna locket for swain [27:04] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): u still want to fight them [27:13] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): and u blame nasus [32:02] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): y i am zero [32:04] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): 2/12 [32:06] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): what do u expect [34:25] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): now im 1 [35:18] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): wat u doing there [35:23] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): guys [35:25] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): trist no f this fight [35:27] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): jus tkilll her [36:52] [All] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): :D [36:55] [All] Billy Darkcrash (Caitlyn): g wp ok, so... have in mind that these are behaviors of like one in 50 games perhaps ? im not like that all the time. its rare. its that rare as getting a pure troller in your ranked game. ik it may sound controversial what exactly is a troller. in most ppl guys some1 going 0/5 top is troll even if he is trying his best. and i say no. i mean real! trollers who the only think they want is either to intentionally lose the game either to bully you for whatever reason. anyways, believe it or not, i know true case for example 2 weeks ago some1 was drunk he wished cancers and many more and spammed them in 4 games in a row. he got only 10 chat restricted games. because system doesnt care what u say. either the only thing u say is report x for troll, either u wish some1 to die young in agony and lose everyone he loves from cancer, they are both treated the same way. either its textreme toxicity either its plane low negativity it doesnt matter. riot replied that i made negative environment for my teamates and its punishable. but truth is that only the guys who trolled and flamed me reported me. all other 7 players in game reported them and only. so it makes no sense. seems like an excuse that i made negative the environment. let me ask u this. who makes negative the environment for a neutral player ? the X who wishes cancer to Y and trolls him passively in=game and bullies him all game long ? or the X who asks from others 2-3 times to report X. i always find my self to sympathize the x guy. even in games when the x guy flames the y guy back. i still dont report him. anyways, i still believe i dont deserve this perma ban. meh, sad. and i loved that account. ill just gotta make new account, spend money for ip xp boosts, more money to buy my champs and my runes. and ill be back into game in 2 weeks. but riot knows this already right ? why would they even care if i deserved my perma or not. they will only earn off it...oh, dont u forget about tribunal. riot may not want to bring it back. with all these changes, the new marvelous client they are working on (google it), the new champion selection and such, they may.. i say may ,want u to forget about it. anyways, racist comments inc. i dont expect a single one person in this forums to read all the above but i got plenty time now so w/e idc bg but wp. peace out eune!
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