Dark Waters Diana skin

Hello, I never understood why Diana's symbol on her forehead was left out in Dark Waters Diana skin. Or why putting a pirate hat to cover that symbol? Why putting pirate hat at all instead putting that beautiful symbol in dark water colors? Anyway, with or without pirate hat I feel like "moon" symbol on her forehead shouldn't be left out. I feel like that symbol is core/main thing when it comes to Diana, her story and personality. That symbol is just so iconic. Like the moment you see that symbol the first thing that comes to your mind is Diana. To me, Diana without that symbol on her forehead is like a car without his logo. This is just my personal opinion, and I know that Dark Waters Diana is one of the newest skins so I do not expect that the skin will change over the night but if Riot ever decide to rework Dark Waters Diana skin, please take that in consideration. Thanks
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