Unofficial Patch 7.6 Notes - Saving Galio From The Slumber He Became

Hey guys, welcome to another set of Unofficial Patch Notes - this time for Patch 7.6! Most of you should know the drill, but for those who don't I look around in the patch notes for all the important stuff, then bring it over here and make it look cool. This week's patch was small, with buffs to some champs, nerfs to others and not a fat lot after that. So go on ahead and check out the notes below! OH! I almost forgot. Galio got updated, so we got that going for us as well. #NEW CONTENT - Galio has been updated and hits the Rift with his update this patch! We here at the Unofficial Patch Notes would also like to take this time to say that his Justice Punch is completely different to Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch, because Justice Punch has justice in it and Falcon Punch doesn't. - We dove into the toy box and pulled out Renektoy, Superhero Kennen and ~~tilt by cowbells~~ Moo Cow Alistar. They'll join the Rift in this patch! - Pug'Maw will also hit the Rift this patch! Very cute and a loyal friend. 12/10 would support with pets. - We also have Chromas that make the cutest skins even cuter (Dino Gnar, Meowkai and Moo Cow Alistar included.) Except for you Surprise Party Amumu, you're not cute. You still get Chromas though. #ROTATING GAME MODE This patch, join the sieging carnage otherwise known as an LCS Game after 40 minutes in **NEXUS SIEGE**! #CHAMPIONS - Aatrox now fully fills his Blood Well when he revives. - Cho'Gath now gets ~~fatter~~ ~~bigger~~ tankier when he eats things late game. - Fixed a bug where Aatrox was able to steal Draven's ability names and catchphrase. Because DRAAAAVEEEN. - Fiddlesticks is now scarier from further away, and his Drain now drains his cooldowns if it kills the target. - Mini Gnar now has the same healing factor as his Mega form. Unfortunately it also works like Wolverine's healing factor in the new film - not as well as it did before. - Lux's VO has been updated, unconfirming her ship with Ezreal and making her twice as annoying. - Miss Fortune is now Lucian for some reason. Also Double Up does more damage. - Orianna's teammates can no longer ruin her big plays by dying. - Valor now steals all the glory when Quinn's ult is unlocked by respawning in her place. He also lets Quinn attack faster when Harrier gets proc'ed. - Piercing Arrow's Cooldown Refund no longer gets lazier with Cooldown Reduction. #MASTERIES - We changed Warlord's Bloodlust to a heal effect from lifesteal because we still have no idea what to do with this mastery. #SUMMONER'S RIFT - Red Brambleback is now less resistant to magic damage, except for Grass- and Electric-Type moves. #IN-GAME OPTIONS BAR The options bar no longer covers literally the entire screen in some cases. #LEAGUE CLIENT UPDATE Potato Mode is now suitable for almost every potato. You can now also choose whether to kill the client when you go into game (you monster) or not. - Ready-Check is now more ready to check if you're ready. - You can now right-click and invite players to games directly from chat, because opening the Friends bar is just too much hard work. #BUGFIXES - Fixed a bug where Viktor's Chaos Storm would sometimes turn into a Chaos Mild Weather if Viktor died - twice. - **MUNDO AGONY EFFECTS SMOOTHER** - Invisible teammates are no longer totally invisible to you in Paranoia - Fixed a bug where some players were not able to find Ohmwrecker in the store. As a reminder, Ohmwrecker is still in the game.
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